MAVERO Energy Storage

Energy Storage

The revolution for your sustainable home.

MAVERO is a highly efficient and flexible energy storage solution for private and industrial applications. The modular construction matches exactly the given conditions.

The stationary Energy Storage by Kreisel Electric sets new standards for energy storage solutions.



Why should I have my own energy storage?

Energy storages are fixed components in every modern building project – private as well as industrial. Energy from renewable sources is stored in a stationary battery and can be used as required. Charge your electric vehicle at night with energy produced during the day.
Store renewable energy

Store your produced energy simply at home and enjoy the special advantage of independence. An energy storage is highly sustainable – energy produced over the day can be consumed in the evening and during the night.

Independence of the electricity network

Typically, a home energy storage is operated in combination with a solar panels. Generate and consume absolutely clean energy with the power of the sun. The environment will thank you.

Electric Mobility

Charge your electric car every night to enjoy full range every morning. With the Kreisel Energy Storage you simply use the energy produced during the day and enjoy pure independence. Additionally you save money.

Structure and functionality

With the Kreisel Energy Storage renewable energy can be stored easily. This increases own consumption and cost-effectiveness. Using an appropriate inverter the energy flow can be controlled accurately and safely. The charging status of the battery is communicated by stylish light effects. Be smart and charge your EV at night with the energy generated during the day - for a sustainable future.

Sufficient capacity

The Kreisel Home Energy Storage is designed to easily power an average household every day.
The bigger models with double capacity are prepared for more advanced tasks.


Technical specifications

MAVERO is offered in two different variants.
Choose the right model for your individual needs.

M6 M12
For daily cycle applications 6 kWh 12 kWh
Charge-/Discharge power 4 kW 8 kW
Charge-/Discharge current 14 A 14 A
Weight 110 kg 190 kg
Dimensions 142 x 105 x 16 cm 142 x 105 x 28 cm
Battery technology Li-Ion
Nominal voltage 307 V 614 V
Environmental temperature +5°C to +40°C
Installation Wall, inside


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